Rock flour: discover why it will be your best ally to fertilize the soil without ERRORS.

Did you know that the first to use rock flour were the Ancient Egyptians?   The silt was discovered about […]

Biological fight against plant viruses

ERGOFERT SHARK ACTION MECHANISM. Plant growth is strongly influenced by environmental conditions and in particular by stress. Biotic stresses are […]

Radical rot: remedies and techniques to fight it and prevent it.

Radical rot is the disease that affects plants when an attack by fungi, bacteria or nematodes is in progress. The […]

How to disinfect soil in a natural way: the “powers” of baking soda.

The main reason is the ability to eat naturally grown products without the massive use of chemicals. When it comes […]

Benefits and uses of Boron in agriculture

Boron is an elementary chemical that can not be broken down into other simpler components. On the earth’s crust it […]