Biography Luigi De Ales

B.E.A. SRL was founded by Luigi De Ales, researcher in fields related to biology, which for decades led a team of technicians carrying out important agricultural researches, on the environmental rehabilitation of inhospitable terrains, in water recovery and treatment of urban waste.

Luigi De Ales, through the experience gained in the period of studies and research with professors of the University of Udine, Padua, Ancona, Florence, Naples and Catania was able to develop innovative technologies and cutting-edge products to solve and mitigate global environmental issues, taking part in numerous bioremediation works in different countries of the world.

Turning out to be a pioneer in the development of biotechnologies applied to agriculture and the environment, in 1996 he established the company Bea Srl with which it began to operate actively, obtaining surprising results.

Studies and Applications

Dr. De Ales’ team has developed some interesting works on the common problems of the agricultural field, such as control and contrast of plant diseases supported by bacteria, fungi, viruses and attacks of insects and nematodes, through the strengthening of the plant defense system, the reduction of the most common causes of stress, the care and harmonization of the whole ecosystem of each plant.

Furthermore, it has developed particular composting techniques using numerous organic matrices, including those considered unsuitable, to obtain organic fertilizers with a high content of humified organic matter through the use of particular bacterial enzymatic inocula; he has developed methods for the purification of waste water or water polluted by oil or other waste, treatment technologies for urban solid waste to obtain perfectly separated organic, combustible and inert fraction, thus performing a complete differentiation after the collection of mixed waste.

Activities of the last years


Beginning of activities in 1991 with the commission of city’s hall for the transformation of seaweed algae into compost, by mixing them with supplements. A total of 13,000 tons of materials classified as waste were treated, with the production of over 7,000 tons of organic fertilizer (soil improver), all immediately used by local farmers.

In May 1993 a new activity was started at the wastewater treatment plant which annually peaks different peaks between summer and winter.

For the water purification special groups of microorganisms and enzymes were used, and the activity was carried out under the university control in the person of Prof. Franco Zucconi, appointed by the Municipal Administration to verify the good functioning of the purifier from the triggering phase in late spring and throughout the period of their use.

The activities has continued the following years with excellent results throughout the city.


Treatment of Cotton plantations with organic products favoring the natural ecosystem and the immunity of plants from diseases and insects. Reclamation of areas affected by oil payments with consequent environmental remediation.


In October 2004, the municipality of Buenos Aires initiated a check on the possibility of sanitizing soils in parks polluted by animal dejections using a special bacterial enzyme preparation commercially called “Biosan”. The goal to be reached is the elimination of salmonella.

In March 2006, Coca Cola in Buenos Aires also uses our bacterial enzymatic products to purify its waste water.


From November 2008 we started working to create a production plant for fertilizers and bacterial enzymatic formulas for water purification and composting of organic matter.

In 2010 5,000 kg of enzymatic-bacterial material were sent to start the factory.


In January 2013 the production activity of the factory begins in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with the production of the first 24 tons of bacterial enzymatic material.


Start work in 2014 by awarding a contract to supply biodegradable petroleum microorganisms to clean up a large area of ​​the Coraf refinery in Pointe Noire.

In just 120 days, from April to July, 95% of the oil was knocked down.

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The activities listed are some of the most important tasks that BEA SRL in the person of Luigi De Ales is carrying out on the world scene.

Every year the BEA carries out researches and experiments to counteract the attacks of fungi and plant diseases using biological methods, the work carried out so far has enabled it to successfully develop definitive solutions for the Nematodes, Xylella fastidiosa, Sharka, the chestnut Cinipide, and other plant diseases such as fusarium, oidium, verticillium, botryt and peronospora.

The results achieved

The products developed by the Agrobiologist De Ales, together with his collaborators, have been defined as “revolutionary” and can boast a proven and recognized effectiveness throughout the scientific community.

Currently, the company is also working in Italy in various crops, always achieving excellent results both in terms of reducing the need for use of plant protection products and chemical fertilizers, both in terms of increase in production and quality of the same.

In fact, the goal of De Ales is to encourage crops by progressively improving the ecosystem in which the plant lives, not acting directly on the disease but going to solve the root cause that triggers it, thus ensuring long lasting results and a better environment of development.