B.E.A. S.r.l. works in the sector of biotechnologies applied to agriculture and the environment.

The company was founded in 1996 thanks to the work and research of its partners and collaborators, who with their studies in the previous years contributed to its creation and consolidation in the field of plant nutrition to promote the development of organic and biodynamic agriculture in synergy with nature.

Based in Galazzano in the Republic of San Marino, the company pursues its research and development activities through a number of affiliated companies staffed with highly qualified personnel, aiming to contribute in the development of ecologically sustainable development that respects existing environmental systems.

In the same context of responsible development and the safeguarding of diversity, our objective is to reconcile the modern challenges of the agribusiness world with the use of solutions tailored to regional needs and economies. Our choices therefore place agriculture at the centre of a system of professional skills, following a common path of growth with a strong emphasis on local quality and traditions.

Our company works in three main sectors:

  1. Agriculture – Products for the plant organic and non-organic fertilization.
  2. Environment – Products for water, river, soil and landfill treatments and composting.
  3. Cemetery products – Bacterial enzymatic products for cemetery grounds.


Agriculture. Our products are intended for all companies and cooperatives in the agricultural sector interested in improving the quality and volume of their productions. Our organic fertilizers are also suitable for growing organic production, and are even indicated for soils with a high salt content.

Environment. Our products for the treatment of wastewater, rivers, soil, landfills and composting facilities have been developed for public administrations, consortia and ecological operators responsible for composting facilities, landfills, waste treatment plants, production facilities with liquid or gaseous waste emissions, and for the managers of coastal authorities faced with the problem of disposing of seaweed and other aquatic plants.

Our range of products dedicated to agriculture is suitable for use by public and private managers of green spaces, such as parks, lawns, golf courses and other areas of greenery, operators needing to regenerate green spaces or to make eroded, desertified, infertile or deforested areas productive, and the managers of ornamental greenery for hotels, spas, tourist centres and clubs.

Our personnel have followed professional in-house training courses to develop the necessary skills to use machinery and handle products. These are in fact produced, after careful checks on raw materials, using industrial mixers, vibration sifters and bottling machines, which allow the development of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers that are scrupulously tested before being marketed.