Research and Development

Through its affiliated companies, B.E.A. Srl carries out research, experimentation and development activities for products and modern technologies to support the agronomic management of the main specialized crops and to offer solutions for the most important environmental problems.

The company also has a state-of-the-art laboratory where a variety of chemical analyses are performed to monitor the development and functioning of products:

  • Soil analyses (texture, content of macro-elements, meso-elements and micro-elements, organic substances, salinity, pH, element ratios, etc)
  • Foliage diagnosis (content of main macro-elements, meso-elements and micro-elements and calculation of respective ratios and indices) and G.A.T.E. calculations
  • Irrigation water analyses (content of main chemical elements, hardness, pH, electrical conductivity, SAR, suspended solids, etc)
  • Analysis of nutrient solutions and water for recycling in closed hydroponic systems