Magnesium is a very mobile element within the plant. Vegetable and fruit crops are good
consumers of it. Magnesium deficiencies are especially noticeable in rainy climates with
soils: – sandy – acidic – permeable – abundantly fertilized with Potassium.

Mg-deficiency appears itself with very varied chlorosis in different types of plants. This is followed
by obvious difficulties in synthesizing anthocyanins and severe defoliation at the end of
the summer. Mg deficiency starts from the oldest leaves at the base of the branches and
continues in an acropetal sense. It is attenuated by poor lighting and is accentuated by
abundant rainfall.

Magnesium chlorosis and the resulting plant disfunctions can be avoided
by intervening with ERGOFERT MAGNESIO, which in addition to preventing the specific
deficiency, by virtue of its content in enzymes and Nitrogen and organic carbon, constitutes
a food reserve thus helping the plant to achieve balanced vegetative development and
potential production typical of the species.

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