Our company is pledged to the development of sustainable agriculture by means of research and innovative technologies. We therefore pursue excellence in our products and solutions for agricultural operators and the food chain, with a clear and transparent commitment towards our customers, personnel and the community.


Our research has developed advanced products for the balanced nutrition of plants of all types, by the stimulation of agronomically beneficial microbial activity in the rhizosphere (soil) and the phyllosphere (foliage system).


The use of our techniques and products stimulates and strengthens plant immune systems and active and passive defensive systems, with the consequent reduction of the use of pesticides, therefore ensuring lower risks from their possible residual presence in harvested produce.


This also means a higher uptake of the substances contained in our products, allowing B.E.A. Srl to produce its formulations concentrating not so much on the quantities of these substances, which in conventional use are often dispersed and are not absorbed by plants, but far more importantly, on their quality.


In fact, B.E.A. Srl uses raw materials of the highest standard to produce its formulations, but despite their high market cost, it manages to keep the prices of its products competitive.