ERGOFERT is a registered BEA Srl product that promotes both plant nutrition and the maintenance and reinforcement of the equilibria of the rhizosphere, permitting better and greater absorption.


But what is the rhizosphere?

The Rhizosphere is where the plant roots live, and obviously this area is fundamental for plant health.

The rhizosphere is composed of symbiont fungi (mycorrhizas), rhizosphere bacteria (Pseudomonas spp., Bacillus spp., actinobacteria) and saprophytic fungi (Trichoderma spp.). This association of microbiological organisms inhabiting the rhizosphere is vital for plant health.

In fact, the plant releases root exudates into the rhizosphere, and it produces these waste substances as a result of photosynthesis. Root exudates are harmful for the plant, but instead provide nourishment for the micro-organisms of the rhizosphere, which feed on them and transform them into nutritive substances for the plant, in a process of composting.

Chemical fertilizers, and above all urea, produce instead the mineralization of the humus that is the home of the rhizosphere bacteria. The consequent decrease in the rhizosphere bacteria leads to harmful accumulations and intoxication of the rhizospheric microhabitat. This is the brief explanation of why conventional fertilizers are not effective enough, with the added disadvantage of higher costs that are difficult to recover.

In fact, if plants are no longer in equilibrium with the soil, they do not absorb the nutrients they need, and it is therefore economically mistaken to continue with the application of conventional fertilizers, which fail to take into consideration the rhizosphere and its bacteria. Summing up, what the soil is missing is not so much nutritional substances, but the organisms necessary to help the plant absorb them.


ERGOFERT the certain solution

ERGOFERT supplies the micro-organisms that plants find in the invaluable humus (Pseudomonas spp., Bacillus spp., actinobacteria, saprophytic fungi).

The result is the correct elimination and transformation of root exudates, converting them from wastes into nutrients for the plant, and this gives a significant increase in root capillaries, allowing them to perform their function in a habitat free from exudates. The roots do not therefore need to grow more deeply in the attempt to find less exhausted soil, because the bacteria in ERGOFERT bioconvert the exudates into nutrients. In this way, a rhizosphere similar to the rhizosphere rich in humus characteristic of woodlands is created.

This means plants that are healthier, grow better and are more productive, with significant savings in time and money.

ERGOFERT is easy to use, because thanks to our experiments and meticulous production processes, it contains everything plants need in liquid form, easy to dilute in water.