Technical assistance

BEA Srl technical assistance is provided by its own technicians and qualified personnel directly at the facilities of customers making specific requests, and may regard one or more of the following aspects:

  • In-the-field checks on the general agronomic conditions of plants, identification and resolution of specific nutritional problems (plant diseases, nutrient deficits, etc)
  • Interpretation of the results of soil, water and foliage analyses
  • Development of targeted nutrition plans for specific plant types
  • Development, selection and integration of nutrient solutions for hydroponics and soilless cultivation, for both closed and open systems, and checks on the main cultivation parameters (electrical conductivity, pH, etc)


Technical assistance is provided with inspections at customer facilities, where a variety of analyses can be carried out, starting with soil, water and finally foliage, with samples sent to specialized laboratories.

All companies can request consultancy on both agronomic and environmental issues.

These services are provided at the moment of purchase of a product, so that the real needs of the soil and the most effective treatment to be applied can be correctly assessed.