Areas of activity


Products for organic and non-organic fertilization of all types of plant.

  1. liquid organic and organo-mineral fertilizers for conventional and organic agriculture, to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural productions;
  2. fertilizers and soil for nurseries and seedbeds;
  3. bacterial enzymatic products and liquid organic and organo-mineral fertilizers for:
    1. fertility regeneration in exhausted, polluted, desertified or eroded soils;
    2. irrigation using brackish water without prior desalination;
    3. revegetation of gullies.



Products for water, river, soil and landfill treatments and composting. Bacterial enzymatic products for cemetery grounds.

  1. Products for cemetery maintenance containing bacteria and enzymes capable of absorbing, deodorizing and decomposing body fluids, skeletonizing corpses and regenerating burial grounds.
  2. Bacterial enzymatic products for:
    • composting of municipal wastes, sludge from biological waste treatments and animal and vegetable residues to obtain soil conditioners free from odours and phytotoxicity;
    • deodorization of municipal waste collection bins;
    • remediation of landfill sites and reduction of volume and run-off from their contents of municipal wastes;
    • control of undesirable odours and wastewater treatment for animal rearing facilities;
    • biological treatment of oily emulsions and landfill run-off;
    • biological treatment of civil and industrial wastewater;
    • treatment of water and remediation of soils polluted by hydrocarbons;
    • treatment of air with biofilters;
    • treatment of watercourses;
    • biological treatments for aquariums;
    • domestic wastewater.


BEA S.r.l. possesses the expertise to produce:

  • modular percolation systems for water treatment;
  • turf for rapid regrassing;
  • enzyme-based organo-mineral fertilizers;
  • substrates for nurseries, pot plants and soilless cultivation at sites with poor soil;
  • biopreparations for aeroponics and hydroponics;
  • bacteria and enzymes for wastewater treatments;
  • bacteria and enzymes solid waste treatments;
  • bacteria for domestic aquarium treatments;
  • bacteria for ammonia elimination in industrial aquaculture facilities;
  • self-deodorizing litter for pets and poultry farms;
  • preparations to protect plants against excess salts in soil or irrigation water;
  • organic fertilizer suitable for organic farming compliant with EEC Regulation 2092/91;
  • face mask preparations suitable for complementary use in treatments for acne, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.